Our Essential Vacation Tips

Enjoy yourself, your supposed to be on vacation! Most people I know always say they need a holiday when they get back from one, whether it be a weekender or a sabbatical. When you consider why, most of it is … Read More

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller

Ibn Battuta

Ask Questions you may get an Answer

When Western People first came to Indonesia they were referred to in the local language as “Bule”. Although thru time it now tends to be somewhat  derogatory, it was actually meant to mean “Albino”. Many years ago I worked with … Read More

Our Answers Your Questions

How far are you from the Airport or the Java Ferry? We are approx 100km from Bali International Airport and 25KM from the ferry crossing to Java. Although access is via the Main Highway due to the terrain distance is … Read More

Multi-Day vs Single-Day

Its a long way to Some Where and a lot further to No Where….. If you are arriving from Java on the Ferry and heading to the low lights of Tourist Bali (Kuta, Seninyak, Sanur and the like) we are … Read More