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How far are you from the Airport or the Java Ferry? We are approx 100km from Bali International Airport and 25KM from the ferry crossing to Java. Although access is via the Main Highway due to the terrain distance is measured in time. Hence we are 3.5 hrs from the airport and 40 minutes from the Ferry Terminal to Java. Do we need a car whilst here? Yes or No really depends on your Itinerary. Local tours can be arranged or you can take our Navman and your car and self drive. How can I get from the Airport or the Ferry? Well there are buses but not recommended for the faint hearted and the closest stop is 4km away, yes we will pick you up! We can arrange air conditioned transport from either location. What is there to do? Well it’s rural and quite to chill at the house… enjoy the pool, read a book, have a BBQ or Go to the Beach, Local Markets, Temples and craft shops, even the Seasonal Buffalo Races, Trek the Jungle…… eat local food or even pull weeds in the gardens….. Things that Buzz, Slither, Bite and Sting Yes we have all kinds of Indonesian Bugs, Reptiles (including venonous snakes),and Amphibians. The flies and mosquitoes are quite friendly unfortunately but the other nasty critters are as scared of you as you are of them. Wear insect repellent, watch where you are walking and check inside your shoes before putting them back on. House Keeping The property is Hindu please respect our culture and religion. Abusive or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Vegan on request It is not a smoke or alcohol free zone but please do not smoke in the bedrooms or take glass into the pool. There is a Doberman guard dog on the property. She is well trained (see comment about behavior) This is Indonesia.. we are not responsible for any loss, damage, accident, encounter with a nasty, or anything that a lawyer wants to get rich on. Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance. The water from all faucets is purified and totally safe for drinking – pool water is not recommented –
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