Multi-Day vs Single-Day

Its a long way to Some Where and a lot further to No Where…..

If you are arriving from Java on the Ferry and heading to the low lights of Tourist Bali (Kuta, Seninyak, Sanur and the like) we are only 25km away and we can send a driver to collect you for a modest fee.

Whether you are the adventurous backpacker, the intrepid motorcycle rider, mature aged with a tight grip on your “Lonely Planet Guide” or maybe just bused from Jakarta and have another 5 hours to Kuta. I’m sure we have an accommodation style for you, whether it be our budget room without an air conditioner and a postage stamp shower and toilet (yes it’s a Western Toilet), or a King Room with Ensuite and Air Conditioning.

We have multi night specials inclusive of all meals, simple Bed and Breakfast and the ability to order a meal on the go.

If you want to spend money in Indonesia I am happy to accept it…….

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