Ask Questions you may get an Answer

When Western People first came to Indonesia they were referred to in the local language as “Bule”. Although thru time it now tends to be somewhat¬† derogatory, it was actually meant to mean “Albino”.

Many years ago I worked with the Indigenous people of the Ngaanyatjarra Lands in the Great Victoria Desert. Well they had an answer for everything, for example ask them where some one was ‘Where’s John’ and the response was inevitably¬† “Must be somewhere”.

Our Home Stay is located at that “Some Where ” and getting here is easy if you can follow a map and navigate Streets with no names. If you get lost and have a phone then call and we will come find you, else ask a local where the Bule with the house with the red roof house lives. “Apakah anda tahu mana orang asing dengan merah atap rumah tinggal”. If they reply “Tidak”. That’s no and you asked the wrong person……….

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